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Full Steampunk Ahead!

October 16, 2017

Full Steampunk Ahead!

In recent years, the Steampunk aesthetic has exploded in popularity in movies, art, and fashion. What is Steampunk? And why should you consider being a Steampunk Captain for Halloween?

1. You get to go "Back to the Future"
Broadly defined, Steampunk is modern technology - air travel, robotics, computers - re-imagined as powered by steam and set against a backdrop of Victorian England or America's Wild West. Well, that sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?

Dare Fashion Lady Della


2. You get to be Captain...
... and a rebel. The "punk" in "Steampunk" implies going against convention, it's the declaration that your individuality, through style, gadgets or attitude, sets you apart. As Steampunk Captain, you're the pilot of your own airship, you're in charge of your own adventure, and you're decidedly doing it your own way!

Dare Fashion Steampunk Airship


3. You get to be Victorian
If you love Victorian-era fashion, Steampunk style is right up your alley. And it's not that big of a jump from the Gothic aesthetic, either. Science fiction & fantasy author Jess Nevins once said, "Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown." We like to call it "Retro fabulous!"

Dare Fashion Rachel Patterson


4. You can wear your top year-round
If you use a Dare Fashion top in your Steampunk outfit, you can wear the top many other ways when you're not in costume. One of our guest bloggers, @favouritefaces, created this contemporary Fall Fashion ensemble using the same Electra top in Walnut that we use in our Steampunk Captain outfit.

Dare Fashion Fariya Brown


5. You could win $500!
Submit a photo of your Steampunk Captain costume in our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest, and you could win a $500 shopping spree! Last year, Laurie B. used our Electra top in Mulberry to create her Steampunk Mathematician costume. And she won a free top!

Dare Fashion Costume Contest - Steampunk - Laurie Bartilson


But time is running out! What are you planning to be for Halloween? If you need any advice for your costume, please let us know. We're here to help!

Dare Fashion Costume Contest


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