Dare to Care

Here at Dare Fashion, we dare to care about our environment! We have a strong commitment to green and sustainable practices (unavoidable when your day-to-day operations are run by a guy with a doctorate in Ecology).

  • All of our garments are made locally, right here in downtown San Francisco.
  • Whenever possible, we ship our products in reused or over-run boxes.
  • When shipping to our retailers, we don’t ship our garments on disposable plastic hangers.
  • We print our shipping labels on reused or recycled paper.
  • We are working with SF Recology to develop a solution to divert tons of cut fabric waste from the landfills.
  • We are developing our Dare to Care line, made from sustainable, recyclable fabrics.
  • Our office is located in downtown San Francisco, easily accessible by the BART subway, Muni bus lines, and walkable from many locations.
  • Both Natalia and Ben also reduce their carbon footprint by biking to work every day!

  • We have sought to streamline our procedures to use and reuse resources most efficiently without ever compromising quality or style. Our goal is to have our customers looking beautiful and glamorous while keeping our planet healthy and green!