About us

Our philosophy


We believe that women of all shapes and sizes have a right to clothes that make them look and feel beautiful. With this in mind, we create fabulous, fun, and affordable clothing that is designed to flatter the curvy figure from petite to plus-size.

Our flagship line, Dare to Wear, has Renaissance, Gothic, Victorian, Bohemian and Steampunk influences and is made locally, in San Francisco USA, with quality workmanship and a strong commitment to fair wages and green, sustainable practices.


Our mission is to offer inclusive fashion with exceptional customer service, while improving the lives of everyone who comes in contact with our company!


Our designer

Dare Fashion Owner
Ben and Natalia


Natalia's training began in Siberia, where her mother and grandmother taught her to sew on an antique foot-treadle sewing machine. It was the Soviet times – material possessions were scarce - if you loved a dress, you wore it till it was threadbare, then took it apart to use as a pattern to make new dresses. Through the long Siberian winter, she would busy herself with sewing and knitting projects, making hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, and dresses, all the while developing an eye for color and pattern.


When designing Dare to Wear, Natalia always starts with the fit, imagining silhouettes that bring out the best features of a curvy figure. Upon this fit, she layers details from diverse influences including Victorian and Renaissance corsetry, Gothic fantasy and even the playful whimsy of Japanese Harajuku street fashion. Finally, she matches colors and patterns with finishing elements such as lace trims, corsets, and ribbons to create looks that are daring and edgy, while remaining sweet and feminine… stylish and sophisticated looks that are uniquely Dare Fashion.