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Gaelira Gwaelon: Gothic Go-Getter!

January 12, 2018

Gaelira Gwaelon: Gothic Go-Getter!


Dare to Wear Roxanne Top in Burgundy
Gaelira Gwaelon, looking lovely in our Roxanne Top in Burgundy


1. Googling your name returns so much information! Tell us about yourself in one sentence:)

I’m a tiny, loud person, who lives for singing, who can express her emotions through the music, powerful lyrics and photoshoots.


2. We found your Soundcloud and YouTube cover song videos... Tell us more about your passion for singing!

Oh, you found me? That is so flattering! (Laugh!) Well, one of my greatest goals is to take professional singing lessons and be the best I can. I sing almost every day.

Gaelira Gwaelon pours her soul into her singing!


I have taught myself all I know, with the help of the Internet, YouTube, and interviews of my favorite singers. I hope I will fulfill my dream and, first of all, make more covers and after that something my own - maybe a single, EP or even an entire album!


3. What is your new Winter Storm project?

Winter Storm is a name of the main Tarja Turunen fan club. She has been my singer role model since I was 10 years old, so I wanted to help gather the people who felt the same way. In my country, we have Winter Storm Serbia, and I am one of the founders. Our fan club is growing and we hope that Tarja will visit us soon, so we can hang out with her a bit.

Tarja Turunen on Dare Fashion Blog
Tarja Turunen, Finnish Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire!


4. Now, back to how we found you, how did you begin modeling?

That came into my life so spontaneously. I always loved to pose and to be photographed, even with the worst phone camera ever, I didn’t care, I enjoyed it a lot! (Laugh!) After my first professional photoshoot with my dear friend John Wolfrik, I decided to make a FB page and bring that love for modelling to the next level and start working with international brands, so on April 12, 2016 my page was born.

Roxanne Top in Burgundy
Gaelira Gwaelon models our Roxanne Top in Burgundy


5. How do you prepare for your photoshoots? Who does your hair and makeup?

I research a lot before every photoshoot. I tend to do something different every time, (e.g. matching nail color with the outfit, using different make-up or hairstyles). I don’t like repeating an entire look, I don’t see the point in that. I love combining colors with hairstyles to match the whole theme of the photoshoot. I do it all by myself, but there were few times where my dear friends helped me with make-up and my amazing hairstylist did those epic Viking braids, if you remember that look...

Angel Top in White/Black
Gaelira Gwaelon wearing Viking braids and our Angel Top in White/Black


6. What are your goals with modeling?

To be recognized for quality work, and not only by number of "Likes". I also want to work with more brands. I am dying to work with brands that are making crowns and headpieces! 😊 I would love to do whole inspired looks of some historical characters, mainly from Tolkien’s books and Nordic, Greek and Egyptian mythology, so stay tuned! 😘


7. Please tell us more about your Facebook Gothic Modeling group that you started.

I started managing the Gothic Culture page back in 2011, just to help a friend. Beside posting regular Gothic/Dark content, I started promoting models and crediting their work, photographer, brands they wear, etc., because there aren't many page that do that. As we started growing bigger and bigger, many models started contacting us for support. That page is like a big dark family now and besides the page, we also have the Gothic Culture group where people hang out and share interesting stuff. 😊


8. What do you love most about the Gothic scene and culture?

I love all the elegance dressed in black and dark red! People are so creative. Models and photographers are making fantasy and fairy tales into reality, brands are making wonders as well with their designs. There is so much beauty in the darkness and I love it!

Gaelira Gwaelon
Gaelira Gwaelon, Badass Mistress of Darkness!


9. How did you start writing for Gothic and Amazing? Do you have any other pieces in the works?

I don’t know exactly how it all started, but I got on the G&A team as an interviewer. I interviewed many models, photographers, bands. I even interviewed amazing band The 69 Eyes, Nina de Lianin and Demether for G&A magazine issues, which I find as the highlights of my career as an interviewer. You can find my interviews on Gothic and Amazing website, if you would like to read 😊

10. You are so young and ambitious! How do you stay on top of all your projects?

Why, thank you 😊 When you do what you love and what makes you happy and fulfilled, you always have extra energy for photoshoots, spending hours on managing pages, working on your photos, or sitting in front of your laptop till 3AM writing an interview, even though you have to get up at 7AM to go to work and pretend to be polite to people (laugh!)

Temptation Top in Midnight
Celebrating 10K Facebook "Likes" in our Temptation Top in Midnight


11. Are you also a book cover artist?! Tell us more about that!

Yes, if I can say that.... I am just a beginner, though. I just love editing and making photo-manipulations. I have had to put it on pause, though, because I need better equipment for working and learning new techniques.


12. How did you find Dare Fashion? What do you like about it?

I discovered your brand through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the designs. I love how they compliment the body, enhance the curves and lovely shape of women’s figure - the designs are so romantic and mostly medieval. I also love that, as soon as I wear it, I feel like a true “girly” girl and so pretty. So, thank you for making us look beautiful and confident! 😊

Angel Top in White/Black
Gaelira Gwaelon, pretty and confident in our Angel Top in White/Black


13. Where do you find creative inspiration? What books, music, and art are you into right now?

Books and music are my escape from the cruel real world. I tend to escape through great symphony, powerful vocals, the sound of piano... I listen to Evergrey, mostly their latest album “The Storm Within”, it so amazing; Tarja and the old Nightwish, Evanescence, Demether, mostly their album “Beautiful”, Wardruna and many, many more... Latest book that has stolen my heart is “Black Diamond” written by my dear friend and also an alt. model Kali Noir Diamond. The book is out only in Serbian, for now, but I hope that there will be an edition in English, so you can enjoy. Trust me, when you get to know that world, your heart will be broken for not being able to live there, like mine... Beside that book, I love to read Tolkien. His books and the Middle Earth in general are beyond all beauty.


14. What are some random facts about you that we would never guess?

I laugh so loud, coffee is my religion, I adore chocolate, and besides that look on most of my photos like I want to kill someone, I am actually a person who adores to hug and cuddle. 😊

Angel Top in Black/White



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