Dare Fashion Bolero Top F29 Black Victorian Steampunk Lace Corset Blouse

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Bolero in Black | Dark Raven Victorian Steampunk Corset Top

Maybe you know that a bolero is a short, sexy jacket that just covers the arms and shoulders. You might also know that a bolero is a smoldering, sexy dance originally from Spain, but perfected in Cuba. (And, if you're a child of the '80s, you might even remember it as a smoldering, sexy movie). But did you know that it's also a top? A smoldering, sexy, Gothic, Victorian & Steampunk-inspired top that's the hottest in our collection!

  • Uniquely styled like blouse with corset and bolero jacket!
  • Lace-outlined black corset panel creates slimming hourglass illusion
  • Wide cascading sleeves and flirty skirt flounce that skims the hips
  • Two side corset lace-ups and spaghetti ties complete the custom hourglass silhouette!
  • Easy-care, wrinkle-resistant, curve-friendly 92% polyester, 8% spandex; machine wash cold, line dry
Made in USA

Design Influences: Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic
Color Aliases: Black, Dark Raven, Ebony, Charcoal
Costume Ideas: Witch, Pirate, Cat Woman, Kitty, Vampire, Peasant, Gypsy

Dare to Wear: gives confidence, gets compliments!
:) HAPPINESS... guaranteed.